IIP appreciates its relationships with our network of investment bankers, accountants, attorneys, business brokers, executives, and other intermediaries. IIP takes a long-term orientation to these relationships. In that spirit, we pay robust success fees for referrals on deals, executives, and/or other value-add referrals. Also, we use intermediaries for buy-side engagements in sectors of interest.

If you are an Investment banker, broker, attorney, executive, accountant, or other intermediary with an idea for a potential opportunity or have an existing opportunity, please contact us at:
Tel: (224) 374-1502
Fax: (847) 272-9765

IIP recognizes your time and consideration is valuable. Furthermore, IIP recognizes that certain situations require tight time frames for response. In that spirit, IIP Professionals are committed to responding quickly and thoughtfully to your inquiries.