Growth Acceleration Process (GAP)

Companies with consistent, long-term growth do not execute arbitrarily. IIP Principals have developed a methodology called the Growth Acceleration Process. This process involves systematically building and/or upgrading the key functional components of a company as well as transforming the mindset of the company into a culture of growth.

Investment Strategy - GAP - Arrow

Through this intensive process, IIP professionals along with key management are reinforcing the transformation into a culture of growth. Example initiatives include:

Typical lower middle market company
  • Sacred cows
  • Managers prioritized primarily on experience
  • Ambiguous performance metrics and incentives
  • “Fear to take risk” environment
  • Sleepy pace
  • Management “do as I say and not as I do”

Investment Strategy - GAP - Arrow

Culture of Growth
  • No sacred cows (agenda is to build value)
  • Managers prioritized on performance
  • Detailed performance metrics and incentives
  • Safe and cultivating environment to take risk
  • Urgency to build value
  • Management leads by example