Acquisition Criteria

IIP has a broad set of criteria for investment. Simply put, IIP is looking for companies with strong growth potential and a desire for collaborative partnering. Below is a list of some basic criteria.


  • EBITDA between $1M to $20M (i.e. must be profitable)
  • Typical transaction values between $5M to $100M, but have the ability to execute larger transactions

Transaction Type

  • Typically control investments but flexible
  • Privately held companies or corporate spin-offs

Geographic Reach

  • Headquartered in U.S. or Canada


  • Conservative leverage (i.e. obtain majority of returns based on EBITDA growth)
  • Rollover encouraged (i.e. owners get second bite of apple)
  • Focused on creative “win-win” deal structures (e.g. earnouts, seller notes)


  • Health Care
  • Industrial Growth
  • Oilfield Services
  • Technology